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Ready-To-Go Digital Tire Gauge

The 'tool of choice'—in a compact, travel-friendly version—for anyone who is serious about proper maintenance, performance, safety and tire longevity.



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Ready-To-Go Digital Tire Gauge

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Perhaps the `most important safety tool' you can have in your garage or on the road-a good tire gauge can mean the difference between a properly handling motorcycle and a serious safety hazard.

Studies indicate that properly inflated tires promote optimal braking, steering and traction—as well as extended tire life. A 30% reduction in pressure reduces tire life a whopping 48%!


Motorcycle useable functionality—90° valve head design fits even in the tightest spots, well clear of brake rotors.

Hi-Grip, rubberized non-slip surface provides precise handling and feel. Its design is comfortable to hold and allows one-handed operation. In fact, it's so easy to use and feels so good in your hand that you may find yourself checking your tire pressure just for fun.

Easy-to-read display measures 5.0-99.5 PSI in half-pound increments. Accurate to ±1% with a lifetime lithium battery that never needs replacement.

Retractable measurement tool allows for tire life calculation and replacement assessment.

Built-in depressor is a twist of the wrist away for quick air adjustments.

Durable carrier protects the gauge in a toolbox or while on the road.

This gauge is an excellent choice for anyone who is serious about proper maintenance, performance, safety and tire longevity.

Don't let another ride go by without protecting yourself with this elegant instrument.

Five-Year Warranty

Use Instructions

Technical Specs


The How's and Why's of Proper Tire Inflation


"ROADGEAR digital gauges graduated Cum Laude.

"I tested both gauges against higher end shop gauges and against each other—they were both spot-on every time. This is the gauge I now carry in my bag when I ride.

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allaboutbikes.com, May 2009

"Clement Salvadori's Favorites: My paranoia concerning flat tires is well known which is why I check tire pressures frequently...ROADGEAR digital gauge."

Rider, April 2009

"LCD is very accurate. We tested it next to a higher end tire gauge, and it provided identical readings."

All Terrain Vehicle Product Tests ATV Technical Magazine, November 2007

"Tire safety is paramount when riding on two wheels. ROADGEAR's digital tire gauge not only displays the exact tire pressure, but can also read tread depth with a flip of the pen-shaped device."

2 WHEEL TUNER, June 2006

"A popular `must have' item for motorcyclists. Roadgear has probably sold a zillion of them to motorcyclists around the world. Its light weight and unique shape make it an ideal accessory that can be carried under the smallest of seats. Not only is it lighter and smaller, it has more features-it includes a tire tread depth gauge!"

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WebBikeWorld.com, 2005

"For Good Measure. Compact tools are the name of the game for road trips, and Roadgear's brand-new Hi-Tec Digital Tire Gauge is the right combo of nifty performance and condensed travel size. Get quick air adjustments in tight spots with the 90-degree valve and view half-pound increments on the easy-to-read display."

Motorcycle Cruiser,
December 2004

"It has a small 90-degree valve head that fits in tight spots, and there's a built-in depressor on the opposite side of the air fitting for quickly bleeding off excess pressure. We tried it on a variety of bikes with straight and right-angle tire valves and it worked on every one. Ergonomically designed contours on the gauge provide a comfortable fit in your hand and the non-slip surface makes it easier to use.The TG102 also includes a retractable measurement tool that's handy for checking remaining tread depth on tires. A durable ballistic nylon carrier with a hood and loop closure protects the gauge when it's not in use and includes a belt loop for easy carrying.We found it to be a quality product that is easy to use and offers features not found on other gauges."

October 2004

"Digital tire gauges have been around for quite a while now, but ROADGEAR has taken them one step farther, and created perhaps the best of the breed...The rubberized exterior makes it easy to grip even with sweaty or oily hands...The gauge also comes with a nice carrying case, but the real plus is the addition of a quality tread depth gauge in the handle, so you can check everything at once, without having to fish around for extra tools. A bargain in a very useful tool for only $19.90."

Motorcycle Consumer News,
December 2004

"Ergonomically, the Roadgear gauge has a comfortable, non-slip rubberized surface. The head of the gauge is angled at 90-degrees for getting into tight places. Accuracy seemed to be spot-on when compared to my benchmark shop gauge. Couple this with a five-year warranty and the $19.90 price tag is quite reasonable."

BMW Owners News,
December 2004

"These are easily the most convenient and reliable tire-pressure gauges we've used."

Sport Rider, December 2004

"SAVED BY THE GAUGE. This is an easy-to-carry, easy-to-use tool for checking all your tire's vital signs. As a tire gauge, the Roadgear unit is first-class, with a 90-degree bend that makes it easier to get at motorcycle tire valves than those angled gauges they sell for cars. Best of all, there's a tread-depth gauge built into the bottom of the unit, so you can tell when it's time to replace your tires."

American Motorcyclist, December 2004

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