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Coconut Socks (Tall) Gen 3

The Most Awesome Socks on the Planet!©

Natural TechnologyTM at its best—Function, Performance, Durability—Guaranteed.

Made in USA

Due to the overwhelming demand of the Coconut Socks we are currently sold out. The socks are going through a new construction phase which will allow us to improve the socks once more. We are diligently working on this new production and hope to have them available soon. Please check with us as we will update as they become available. Thank you for your continued patience.



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Coconut Socks (Tall) Gen 3

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These 'new and improved' Generation 3 knee-high motorcycle socks—utilizing "advanced natural technology"—offer optimum comfort, odor control, durability, anti-microbial, moisture management and eco-friendliness!

Activated coconut carbon—infused in yarns made from natural coconut fibers—provides remarkable evaporative characteristics and odor management.

These socks are ideal for motorcycling as well as for a range of activities beyond motorcycling to include hiking, long jaunts of trekking, jogging, backpacking, camping, at the gym—almost anywhere the Most Awesome Socks on the Planet are needed!©.

We use them both on and off the bike!

Sizes: Men 7-16
Women 6-10

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Color:  Gray

One-Year Warranty

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Generation 3



"Comfortable, long-lasting, moisture-wicking and anti-microbial, these socks are designed specifically for long-haul motorcyclists. The yarn is infused with activated charcoal, which has a high porosity and surface area that allows it to capture odor molecules and aid in moisture transfer and dissipation."

Motorycyclist, May 2011

"Each pair is pre-washed, given and anti-microbial treatment and the embedded carbon is activated for 'remarkable evaporative characteristics and odor management."

Cycle World, February 2011

"ATTENDING MOTORCYCLE SHOWS without taking a stroll by the Roadgear booth is like visiting Paris and skipping the Eiffel Tower...Okay I was intrigued (by the socks).

"On a recent seven-day ride, I recruited three volunteers to join me in wearing their favorite sock on one foot and the new "coconut" sock on the other, washing neither sock for the full seven days of our trip. We kept notes on sweat elimination, odor resistance, comfort and general feel. To move the test beyond pure anecdotal reports, we submitted the socks to nightly blind "sniff tests," to make sure we had no cheating. Sniffing the bouquet of someone else's dirty socks is clearly beyond the call of duty, so let no MCN subscriber doubt the lengths we go here in service to our readers!

"Technically, what makes these socks work...is a fabric content of 48% Cocona. Cocona fiber is a waste byproduct taken from the discarded coconut shells, infused with activated carbon and blended into a yarn which is then used to make the socks.

"According to one pedantic, MIT-schooled chemical engineer, it is quite likely that the small amount of activated carbon blended with the yarn has a good deal to do with pulling moisture away from the skin and into the fabric where it can evaporate. The carbon also absorbs odor molecules and traps those odors in the pores of the carbon. Washing the socks and then drying them on high heat should, in theory, release the odor and renew the carbon.

"These socks worked as claimed, for us, at least for seven days. They're comfortable and seem to effectively fight odor. We were also happy to see that the magic fiber is not some combination of complex chemicals, but natural and eco-friendly."

Motorcycle Consumer News, April 2009
"Take a look at these high-tech wonders..."
Motorcycle Cruiser, May 2008

"We've seen many interesting products come and go over the years, but coconut socks have to be about as far out there as it gets...I know, it sounds weird—but stay with me here, because they actually work.

"I'm pretty skeptical of most claims, but I have to admit that my feet definitely felt noticeably drier when wearing these socks; more so than the Tech Sox we reviewed a while ago.

 "...But anyone who is serious about socks—as I am—knows the value of
  a great pair, and 20 bucks isn't out of line if they do the deed.  I think Roadgear's new Coconut Socks do just that, and a couple of pairs would be perfect for that next motorcycle tour."

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webBikeWorld.com, December 2007

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