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XKJ Boots

The most 'technologically advanced' all-season boots on the market!




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XKJ Boots

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These feature-packed waterproof boots have the last word in protection, advanced comfort and enhanced durability. They cool you when hot and warm you when cold utilizing OUTLAST®.

Sizes: Women 6


Color: Black

Care Instructions


Advanced Smart Fabric TechnologyTM senses body temperature and adjust for comfort via phase-change processes

State-of-the-art Aerotex® membrane with heat-taped seams, waterproof, windproof and breathable

Maximum reflectivity Dynatec® on the front and rear of boots for increased night visibility

Ballistic®-reinforced sides with ankle guards for superior puncture- and abrasion-resistance

Keprotec® at top rear for protection

Shin and toe protectors for enhanced safety

Velcro® flap closure over heavy-duty YKK® side zippers for easy-on/easy off

Traction enhancing Hi-Tec thread-pattern

Pre-curved heel at rear, comfort right out of the box

Hi-quality genuine cowhide for durability


"...incorporate many high-tech touches...Another interesting feature is Smart Fabric Technology...Indeed the boots did seem warmer than expected in the cold without becoming clammy, yet were not too hot on warmer days.
"...they broke in very quickly and within the first day, these midweight boots became quite comfortable...and when I put them in the dunk tank the XKJ's did indeed remain dry."     

Rider, June 2010

Dear Roadgear Staff:

Thank you for your commitment to excellence. I bought a pair of the XKJ boots in the spring of ཅ and put over 9,000 miles on them before we finished out our season here in Madison, WI. I didn't know sport boots could be that comfortable both on and off the bike. And the waterproof aspect was well tested...and greatly appreciated. So, I was disappointed when I noticed that the stitching had come out on the shift pad of the left boot. By January (9 months after purchase) I finally got around to sending them in and to my delight you had them returned in a few weeks. I can barely see where the repair was made, and you polished the boots up so nicely I almost thought you had sent me new pair!

I don't write letters like these very often, but in the motorcycle world, it's difficult to tell what you're buying, and SO much buying needs to be done on-line. Please get this letter out to those who want to know: Roadgear is committed to excellent service and they sell (at least one!) great products. I will undoubtedly be a returning customer.

Thanks so much,
"Roadgear is known for its innovative use of technology...
"...waterproof, windproof and breathable...The XKJ's have beefy anklebone protection on both sides.

"The technology alone makes these boots well worth a look..."

Motorycycle Cruiser, October 2008

"...after a short while (I) forgot that I had new boots on.

"...What is new, at least to me, is the angled-or "pre-curved" as the official blurb said-heel, which took me all of five minuets to get used to.

"...What I know is that I've got several thousand miles on the boots and they have proved to be waterproof and comfortable to walk around in: my feet don't sweat even on a 95-degree day.

"...Good boots, great gloves (Adaptive-Tec)."

Rider, August 2008

"...waterproof, windproof and breathable; incorporates ballistic-reinforced sides with ankle guards..."

American Motorcyclist, January 2008

"...waterproof, windproof and breathable..."

Sport Rider, August 2007

"...walking comfort is excellent

"...very Euro-technical, thanks to the various materials, textures and sculpted surfaces-just the thing to have on your foot as you throw a leg over a new BMWK1200R."

Rider, July 2007

"HIGHS: All these high-tec fabrics in one boot!
"ROADGEAR's new XKJs combine a smattering of new technologies with good ol' genuine cowhide to fully shield your feet from the elements as well as any potentially abrasive surprises from the asphalt."

Motorcycle Escape, Fall 2006

"The XKJ apparel is interesting because it combines several new technologies with my favorite motorcycle riding fabric, good ol' fashioned leather. The boots have several good safety features, they're comfortable and the combination of the 'Advanced Smart Fabric Technology' and the Aerotex breathable membrane does seem to work."

"The big zipper, the zipper pull and the sticky soles are also very welcome features that make this boot a good value."

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WebBikeWorld.com, September 2005

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