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Adaptive-Tec Jacket

The future in the realm of temperature-sensing apparel has arrived!

Move over fleece—Adaptive-Tec's are here.

Made in USA




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Adaptive-Tec Jacket

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Packed with Outlast®-revolutionary space age science at its best-this Hi-Tec gear senses body temperature and adjusts for comfort via phase-change processes. It cools you when hot and warms you when cold—perfect for layering or to be worn on its own.

This gear is so comfortable you'll want to wear it around by itself once you arrive at your destination. It also features two zippered deep pockets and an elasticized waist and cuffs to lock out wind.

Adaptive-Tec's—Advanced Smart Fabric Technology—certainly in a class of their own!

Sizes: XXL As Available

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Color: Black


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To learn more about this fascinating technology: Space Age Outlast—Wearable Climate Control System

To learn more about this Outlast technology: How it Works!

Do see a fantastic video too!


"However, as great as Gore-Tex has proved itself for the past 25-or-so years it's nothing compared to the technologically groundbreaking fabric used in ROADGEAR's Adaptive-Tec Jacket. Known as Outlast, it is out of this world. Literally...

"...In my case, it has become first choice for use under a wide range of riding jackets,...

"...Actually, the Roadgear Adaptive-Tec jacket is so comfortable that I don't even bother to take it off when I'm in the office...

"...It packs high technology, value and incredible comfort in very lightweight garment."

Motorcycle Consumer News

"...This covert ops-like thing was definitely lightweight, but could it do the job?

"...it's based on stuff originally patented for NASA and the USAF.

"...It's very comfortable to wear because of its weight and feel. I think it makes the grade style-wise. It's very wearable off the bike, as well. You can drop your overcoat and wear it in both cooler and warmer climes, so it's got multipurpose covered. It's easy to pack since it compresses to a small package...it's not cheap, but makes up for it in versatility, lightness and appearance. The Adaptive-Tec Jacket is one of those don't-leave-home-without-it items."

Cruising Rider

"Utopia for motorcyclists would be climate-controlled: not too hot, not too cold. Unfortunately, that's not reality, because you can't be in command of-or really, even predict-the weather. With the ROADGEAR Multi-Season Adaptive-Tec jacket, however, you can outwit it. This thin, lightweight underlayer features Outlast ... to protect against extreme temperature fluctuations. It's excellent under a jacket or riding suit, or, off the bike, on its own."

Cycle World

"... the technology was first developed for NASA to keep astronauts comfortable in the temperature extremes found in outer space ... this "fabric of the future" is good news for motorcyclists.

"What is strange is that I can notice a difference in how the Adaptive-Tech jacket or vest can keep me cooler in warmer temperatures, like when I'm wearing it indoors. This is counterintuitive to me-I assumed that basically any sweater or jacket would make me warmer, but it's hard to believe that wearing a jacket can actually keep me cooler as the temperature rises.

"The few Outlast-equipped garments we've tried have been impressive. It's a subtle feeling; the clothing does not make one immediately warm or cool, but they do seem to keep the temperatures in a more comfortable range.

"The Roadgear Adaptive-Tec jacket and vest are nicely styled and are probably the first motorcycle insulated clothes I've owned that also use for street wear and feel good doing it. In effect, these are multi-purpose garments that are useful both on and off the bike, making them a relatively good bargain."

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 "Some of the greatest advances in mettallurgy and fabric technology have spun off from forays into the cosmos (not to mention giving us "Tang" orange drink!). The latest buzz word on the street is "Smart Fabric Technology".

"Roadgear recently introduced their Adaptive-Tec Jacket. As an alternative to fleece, the jacket is fashioned from temperature-sensing fabric patented for NASA and the U.S. Air Force.

"I found the jacket to be quite comfortable because of its thin, lightweight design. During a few days on the Oregon coast in October, the jacket was sufficiently warm against the cool sea breeze. While hiking along the ridge line of the coast, I wasn't particularly overheated even during long uphill treks.

"But the design of the jacket lends itself best to layering under your outer riding gear ... I found the Adaptive-Tec fit best under most looser-fitting synthetic riding jackets. And when the ride is over, you have a comfortable, nice-looking jacket for an evening in town or around the campfire."
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