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Coconut Socks Development

The Most Awesome Socks on the Planet!TM
Proudly Made in USA

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Coconut Socks Development
Is this a joke?

No Virginia, these socks are really made out of coconut. And Toto, we are not in Kansas but in cyberspace which is the new reality.

For about two years ROADGEAR-which likes to be in the "utilizing useable technology" forefront-has been researching socks.

We looked at what is available, and there are many truly good options for the outdoor enthusiast-but we were on a mission to be the very best!

The criteria we were looking for in socks for the motorcyclist were-in a sense-in sync with military specs. Sweat elimination, evaporative control, odor resistance, micro bacterial non-growth, long distance comfort, UV protection and sock longevity all packaged in a natural fiber.

Why natural fiber-in an age when man made fabrics are so much advanced? Based on personal preferences, real world testing and just being eco-friendly, we felt that when it came to true comfort nothing really outran a natural fiber, especially if it met all of our other criteria.

By a stroke of 'good luck' we found the company that pioneered this unique technology which developed the yarn that goes into the 'Coconut Socks'. This all natural yarn, trade named CoconaTM is the secret that makes these socks so unique, advanced, eco-and user-friendly.

CoconaTM yarns are made using natural technologyTM derived from coconut shells. Fiber is taken from coconut shells, a waste by-product of the food industry, infused with activated carbon from the water filter industry, which is then blended into the yarn that makes the socks. To get technical, our socks fabric content is 68% Cocona-from coconut shells-28% Lycra, 3% Elastic and 1% Nylon.

These socks developed at a time when the worldwide textile industry is searching for "smart", innovative, natural technologies, which have unique features, such as...

Evaporative Cooling: Activated carbon embedded within the yarn-that the socks are made of-pulls moisture away from the skin and brings it to the fabric surface for rapid evaporation. Just 1 Gram of activated carbon has the same surface area as a soccer field, this creates an enormous surface area, which attracts and disperses moisture away from your body, enhancing the perspiration process.

Odor Control: Imbedded activated carbon absorbs a wide range of odor molecules. Odors emanating from the wearer, inherent in the fabric, and present in the surrounding environment are attracted to and trapped within the pores of the carbon. Odor molecules are released and the carbon renewed when you wash and dry your socks. These socks are easy to wash and they dry quickly, making travel washes convenient.

UV Protection: No matter how enticing a bright blue sky can be, the dangers of sun exposure cannot be ignored. Activated carbon embedded within the yarn the socks are made of absorbs the harmful rays and provides a shield between your skin and damaging UV radiation with no negative effects on your body. The socks provide a natural UVA and UVB protection.

Durability: We are so confident in our "sock integrity" that we are offering a full one-year warranty!

Comfort: Try them on, go for an extended ride, and if for any reason they do not surpass your expectations, simply return them within 30-days for a full refund of the product purchase price, no questions asked. (S&H is non-refundable.)

To summarize: These socks feel great next to your skin, are comfortable, and to our testers' amazement, our socks did not have any noticeable odor even after days of hard riding in hot weather-truly remarkable!

Do give them a test run and you too will be surprised and while at it, get some for your riding buddies, they make for wonderful gifts!

ROADGEAR's Coconut Socks are proudly Made in USA.

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