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How to Choose Product?


Gloves are an integral part of motorcycling safety. Care must be exercised in making a proper selection.

Gloves can be placed in three main categories: Summer, winter or multi-season. Within these categories, pricing as well as specific glove features should be considered.

I already own lots of gloves; do I really need a new pair?

The correct answer depends on how old your gloves are. All products lose their unique attributes with age. If you are safety conscious (and we hope you are) then you should consider purchasing a new set of gloves every two to three years, depending on how much you ride.

Here's why! Over a period of time, materials used in any product degrade, especially when exposed to direct sunlight. Wear and tear, ambient cooling and heating, human sweat-all impact the gloves-leading to a loss of tear resistance and tensile strength. (While on this subject, this is the reason why it is recommended so strongly that you should replace your tires and helmet every so often-even if no visible wear is evident.)

Summer, winter or multi-season?

All three. The fact is that no one glove will do it all. (Although we come pretty close with our Adaptive-Tec gloves.) The choice is yours to make!

For warm weather riding, look at our various summer gloves. Within this category, the main choices are dependant on price, visual appeal and features. Price-conscious shoppers opt for the AirTec (Mesh) gloves (a popular design) whereas, those who want only the best decide on either the CarbonMaxx or the XKJ gloves. The CarbonMaxx is our best seller in the summer category. The CarbonMaxx is for those who like the hi-tec look and prefer carbon fiber on the knuckles.

In terms of maximum protection summer gloves, we recommend our top-of-the-line Cheetah available in two color selections. You make the choice!

There are many gloves to choose from in this section. In general, as one goes up the price ladder, one gets a better glove in terms of features, attributes and safety. Do read the individual product descriptions!

If you ride in winter, and we hope that you do, then choose among the three designs. Our best seller in this category is The Boss gloves-waterproof, insulated, multi-reflective-in our opinion a must-have.

If you ride in fall, spring and in between-as most of us do-then the one glove which in a sense is an `all-rounder' is our technologically advanced, state-of-the-art (Multi-Season) Adaptive-Tec. This comes with a `phase-change' inner liner that senses body temperature and adjusts-keeps you cool when it is hot, warms you when it is cold! If you follow the links on the detail page of these gloves, you can read the full story as well as see a video clip.

If waterproof is really important, then you can opt either for our H2O-Tec gloves designed primarily for summer use, or any of the three winter gloves, which are all waterproof. However, please do read the FAQ's in the product description of all waterproof gloves, entitled: Will I remain completely dry with waterproof gloves? This enumerates what a waterproof glove rating really implies.

To sum it up, any serious rider needs multiple sets of gloves. We recommend-to complete your glove wardrobe-a good summer glove (such as the CarbonMaxx or the Cheetah), a good winter glove (suggest The Boss), the H2O-Tec's for summer waterproof riding comfort, and the Adaptive-Tec's for all around riding.

On a different note, ROADGEAR is one of the rare few companies which offers a full two-year warranty on all our gloves. If called for they are repaired or replaced!

As your riding repertoire accumulates, you'll find as we do that it's always a good idea to have spare sets of gloves, especially summer-so you can use various ones on different rides. It just makes the whole sport of riding more fun!



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