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Mounting Instructions

Tank Bags & Tank Map Holders

SL709 Magnetic Tank Map Holder
SL711 Cruiser Tank Map Holder
SL727 Magnetic Compact Sport Tank Bag
SL731 Magnetic Sport Tank Bag
SL737 Magnetic Jumbo Sport Tank Bag
SL710 Three-Point Tank Map Holder
SL759 Three-Point Compact Sport Tank Bag
SL761 Three-Point Sport Tank Bag
SL767 Three-Point Jumbo Sport Tank Bag

CAUTION: Any luggage item that is not properly secured can become a distraction to the rider, resulting in a lack of concentration and a potentially hazardous situation.

We recommend that once installation is completed, you make a test run at a low speed to ensure that the bag has not shifted around.

Before installation, clean the top of your tank and apply a coat of a good quality wax. Make sure that the bottom of the bag is clean as dust may scratch.

The transparent pocket at the top is designed to hold a map. CAUTION! Do not attempt to read the map while the bike is in motion. It is dangerous and hazardous!

SL709, SL711, SL727, SL731 and SL737 Magnetic Tank Map Holders and Tank Bags. These products are designed to work on steel tanks only. They will not work on aluminum or plastic tanks. Place the map holder or bag carefully on the top of the tank. The magnets are strong and attract the tank. It is best to place a hand under the magnets so that they come into contact with the tank gently. The next step is to pull the magnet flaps on either side to stretch around the sides of the tank (This does not apply to the Magnetic Tank Map Holder). Check to see that the map holder or bag is mounted securely.

SL710, SL759, SL761 and SL767 Three-Point Tank Map Holder Tank Bags. The front of the bag can be mounted in two ways. Method One: The harness at the front of the bag is designed to go around the steering stem. Open the strap and harness, place it around the stem, ensuring that it does not come into contact with moving parts, and rethread it back to the quick connect and disconnect clips. Method Two: Cut the front strap in two equal lengths (discard the loop strap) and attach at either side of the tank towards the front. Attachments can be made to the horizontal fairing stays or on the frame just below the tank. Method Two is better as it provides three separate mounting attachments.

The straps are extra long and need to be cut to the required lengths. Do leave enough length to be able to hold onto the strap allowing you to pull on it to tighten as needed. After cutting the straps, please burn the ends slightly to prevent unraveling. Caution! This step should be done in a well-ventilated open area, away from the tank or any other flammable substances.

The strap at the rear of the bag is designed to loop around a frame member between the tank and the seat. The strap is extra long and needs to be cut to the required size (see above.)

While refueling, disconnect the connector towards the back to raise the bag. To take the bag with you, disconnect all three connectors.

The optional rain cover must fit securely over the bag. Be sure to dry the cover before storing to prevent mildew. Be certain to detach the optional shoulder strap (if you are using one) so that it does not hang loose.

Be Safe! Check periodically that the tank bag is mounted securely & enjoy the ride!



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